Paraphoniks (India) - live electronica

Paraphoniks, which began as Shatrunjai Dewan and Sid Shirodkar exploring their shared love of modular synthesizers, is amongst a handful of independent artists in the country to have broken through the increasing synthesizer craze.
In 2016, the duo promoted their critically acclaimed release, ‘Yarns’, with a string of audacious surround-sound shows that featured their music in an 8.1-channel incarnation.
Since then, Paraphoniks has continued to evolve into an increasingly genre-agnostic project, embracing various forms of electronic music with a unique sense of sonic experimentation.
Their latest offering, ‘Silhouettes’ was conceived during a two-week writing stint in the Himalayan hills. It retains the synth-heavy sound for which the duo is known while elevating the level of production, treading more expansive musical territory and conceptual ground.
'Silhouettes' is a non-linear narrative that takes inspiration from various modern-day cults and quasi-religious movements. The album also features collaborations with singer-songwriter Azamaan Hoyvoy and drummer Sahil Shah who also are part of the extended 4-piece live show.